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Sharing any Picture on the Web just got a whole lot easier!

The latest PiccShare tool makes it easier to say good bye to the traditional methods of photo sharing online. In fact, after you've installed PiccShare, every image you come across online can be passed on to friends and family at the click of a button.

PiccShare demonstration

How to use PiccShare

Sharing photos more conveniently

One click email and social media picture sharing, it doesn't get any easier than that!
It's easy to get started, once the extension has been downloaded, the PiccShare tab will show up when you roll over on any image, and you'll be ready to start using in any way that benefits you.

Publish publicly or privately it's totally up to you!

Clicking on the media you've chosen to publish through will open a new pop up window of opportunity.
You won't need to leave your current page. Choose how to publish and to whom, then publish directly. It's just so simple a small child could use it.

Keep your social media up to date with your likes and interests

PiccShare is much less time consuming than many similar tools, and a whole lot more fun and simpler to use. Now you can browse online sharing the photos of the latest gaming systems, prom dresses, cars, marketing your business or blogs and just anything you're into.

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